It has been revealed that Kim Shin Young and 2PM’s Wooyoung are really a good friend.

On the 29th broadcast of KBS 2TV Invincible Youth, each G7 members revealed male artists that they are close with.


A close friend of mine, who happened to be a member of one of MBLAQ’s Infernational Forum told me that Mir is going to be a regular cast (5th member) for my beloved variety program…Idol Magnae Rebellion a.k.a MakBanShi^^

I don’t know whether this is true nor the detail part of this because she only informed me this..but I’m so excited since I like Mir the most in MBLAQ.

Please go to MBLAQ’s International Forum for more info about this~

Whatever it one can replace Jinwoon, Dongho, Shorry J & Seunghyun in IMR (for me)^^ Love these 4 combinations! Any addition to IMR is love but I hope that they don’t go for the popular magnae since this program is about exposure of the underrated magnaes^^


In 2010, cable TV MBC Every1 will aired ‘Bling Bling Every Show’ which consists of various variety programs, together with other programs like ‘하쿠나 마타타’, ‘청춘심경’, Family Needed Season 4 etc.



2PM’s Junho will be replacing Taecyeon as the MC for SBS Inkigayo.



U-KISS’s magnae, Dongho (16) posted up an apologizing message through U-KISS official site.

On the 7th, Dongho did an impersonation of senior singer Yang Hee Eun through his appearance at MBC Park Kyung Rim’s Starry Night Radio program.


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U-KISS Soohyun “Dongho Has Been Text-Dating With An Unknown Woman”


It was revealed that U-KISS’s Dongho has been text-dating with a nuna.

On the January 2nd broadcasting of SBS E!TV Idol Magnae Rebellion, Invincible Basebal Team’s Mario and U-KISS’s Soohyun revealed that Dongho has been enjoying text-dating with a close nuna.